Employment with Container Unloading and Packing Pty Ltd

Container Unloading and Packing Pty Ltd is continuously growing and so we would like to invite new members to join our team. Explore new opportunities, meet new friends, and learn about an exciting industry. We put high importance on health and safety and we regularly study and assess the risks that our staff could possibly encounter on the job. A manual handling course will be highly regarded, and a key attribute to successful employment with our company. As such, we have a recommended company that we use for our manual handling training which will provide you with an easy to use, and understand, online course.

We make sure that there is opportunity for our employees to be able to move into different roles;, including those with supervisory or managerial duties. So, if you’re up for some hard work and are committed to doing a professional job, submit your application and we hope to be working together with you in the not so distant future.

A great employment opportunity awaits you. All you need to do is apply.




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