Container Unloading and Packing Pty Ltd (CUP) is an emerging contender in world-class container
services. We are a constantly expanding professional shipping container service provider to the
Australian transport & logistics industry. We are currently servicing the Brisbane and greater regions
area and are looking to expand our business to help you wherever and whenever we can.

We provide a professional service to different businesses regardless of their size and the industry
they operate in. We are very systematic and train in safe unloading procedures so that you won’t
have to worry about your goods whilst they are being unloaded from, or packed into, the container
or portable unit.

Container Unloading and Packing is a company built on good communication, hard work and strong
business ethics from management through to the container crews.

Partnering with CUP for your container services means:

  • You will be working with professionals who understand the value of your goods.
  • We pay very high attention to detail in the way we perform the job at hand.
  • We always observe industry-standard security, and safety measures, to ensure that all persons and
    goods, involved in the project, are away from potential risks and hazards.


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